Club History

Kyu shin Ryu ju jitsu academy opened its doors in 1996 in the town of Witham in Essex with chief instructor Sensei Clive Blackably 2nd Dan, Sensei clive pored his hart and sole into this club teaching his style of ju jitsu to the public.
In 2003 Sensei Clive Blackably decided to stand down from teaching  Ju Jitsu has his suffering from diabetes was too much for his body and he handed over the club and its students to his four of his decuples Sensei Kyle, Paul, Malcolm and Kelly. These instructors got together on creating a new style of Ju Jitsu and to pass on their skills they have learnt from there sensei and other arts they have done. In 2003 they Created Go shin Ryu Ju Jitsu.The Academy witch has now also closed its doors in 2017 for Sensei Paul taking his Retirement we wish him all the best.

In 2004 Sensei Kyle moved away from the Go Shin Ryu Ju Jitsu Academy class and started work on his own style of Ju Jitsu and called it Shin Ryu Ju Jitsu under the BNMMA.

His first dojo opened in the town of Halstead in Essex and began teachings to a small group of students wich soon became a great hit and the word spread and the class grew and grew .

Sensei opened a 2nd dojo up in Braintree town in 2005. Being the style of Ju Jitsu where mats are needed to train, the class was limited to were they could train. 

In 2007 Sensei Kyle wanted to offer more to his students and set out on to find a organisation that could offer more training courses and a better quality of insurance. Wich then Ishin ryu ju jitsu run by Soke Kevin Pell 8th dan. Who welcomed Sensei Kyle and the club and helped the Shin Ryu club in its training and performance.

Soke Kevin and Sensei Kyle got to work on creating a new identity for the club as now have evolved martial arts within its self and both agreed that a suitable name for the club should be called The Way of the Warrior in a Genital Art and so Bushido Ju Jitsu Dojo was created in 2008.

In 2010 the Halstead leisure centre condemned the mats that the Judo and Ju Jitsu classes used to train. Then decided that it was not in the sports centre interest to replace the mats and informed the clubs that they would have to seek orternitive accommodation. The judo instructor decided to close down his school and said to Sensei Kyle that he has mats that he no longer needs and offered them to Sensei for free. Sensei Kyle then had to find another hall where he could store there mats and a hall to accommodate them. Which the hall Sensei found that could offer this was in a village of Shalford in Essex. The class opened its doors in the village but was too far to travel for most of the students so the attendance fell by half. The new hall was a very nice but the location was its down fall and for new students the hall being out in the sticks not many people wanted to travel from the nearest town which after a year more and more students stopped training and the decision was made the class hade to close in 2012.

After the club closed Sensei Kyle set out to widen his own knowledge in the many other styles of martial arts and studied in arts such as kung fu, judo, aikido, karate, katana Iaido, and other styles of jujitsu which nothing could compare to the style of bushido. In 2014 Sensei Kyle decided to re-open is class and started his teachings to the people of Coggeshall village and invested his own money in his own mats and transport to travel his mats to any location.

In 2015 the class opened its doors and the kids class was full from the start and now has a waiting list of students wanting to join the class. The adults class was not off to a great start an and in oct 2015 the adults class closed its doors

In 2016 the club opened a second class in Kelvedon village for kids and adults classes have full adttedance and doing well.

2016 the club joined up with jiu jitsu international under Soke Richard Morris 10th amd Hanshi Olu Bambose 9th Dan and many more great instructors with which we will have many opportunities to train with in the future on seminars and courses.

2017 BJJD has also joined Cobra Martial arts Assoiciation for a Supporting body under Andrew Morrell 8th Dan to assist in its instructors training programs for ( instructing, assisting instructor, coaching and cadet leaders.)
March 2018 Sensei was asked to hold a master class for his students by Soke Richard Morris 10th Dan. durin this class soke asked eveyone to line up and announced that he was promoting sensei kyle to 5th Dan Black belt for all his hard work and for the commitment he has given to the martial arts. now it was senseis turn to teach the class and ant the end of my teaching wile soke was watching he also annouced that he was also awarding sensei kyle to the title of Renshi ( a polished instructer ) as his teaching abillity was outstanding and was 0.01% away from  being perfection
May 2019 Renshi has now moved the club fully over to Cmaa where our future is looking bright